Very Richmond #1: Band practice at Belle Isle

I was biking the James River Park System mountain bike trail during the Richmond Folk Festival weekend and as I was crossing the southside bridge from Belle Isle, I stopped to watch this wild collection of talent on the SouthSide rocks.

Filming a video, horn section in charge of the bonfire!

Filming a video, horn section in charge of the bonfire!

My man banging drums in the middle was also playing the guitar at the same time, and he had a funny mask on. They seemed to be setting up for a video shoot, and sounded like a cross between Pearl Jam and Seven Mary Three (and I mean that in a good way on all accounts — I wish you well good musicians).  This is not the first time I’ve seen aspiring bands playing at Belle Isle or other exotic locations in Richmond. It’s very reassuring to know that this town can produce individuals like this and that Richmond is a gathering place for artists. Let’s encourage more.

A “Very Richmond” moment, and let me explain. I want to examine that moniker as this RichmondOnTheJames blog grows. Everyone has their own observations that scream Very Richmond to them, and my list will mostly include the positive things that I see. Things that make me want to break away from my daily routine and join in on the fun or just things that make me smile when I remember them. Things that make me glad to have chosen Richmond as the place I wanted to establish myself back in 1988.


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