‘Graces’ statue at Maymont in the snow

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When it snows (at least in the South), it makes almost any photo look special. Even a bland scene can turn into artwork after a good snow storm. 

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Maymont is one of my favorite places to visit in Richmond. If you’ve been there, you know the landscape itself is artwork. The big snowstorm this past weekend in Richmond left a white blanket of photographic enhancement.   

The Three Graces statue at the Dooley Mansion is a reminder of the Victorian Age, and looks even more lovely in an icy blue tone.

Here is the information from my “Statues & Monuments” page, from researcher Kathy Albers:  

“THE THREE GRACES” [see slideshow]   

Click for larger image

LOCATION: Maymont, just south of the Dooley Mansion Porte cochere.  

ARTIST: Antonio Canova.  

DEDICATION: Late 1800’s.  

DESCRIPTION: Three marble females standing figures approximately 5 1/2 foot high on an 2 foot high marble base. The three graces, Splendor, Mirth, and Good Cheer are carved in the Roman tradition intertwined with garlands, ribbons and drapery.

While I’m mentioning it, Maymont is known for its holiday decoration and a tour of the inside of the Dooley Mansion in its Victorian splendor is a unique treat. Or, take an evening carriage ride!


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