Snow on the James at North Bank

This sign is familiar to many mountain bikers, but rarely covered with snow

 A walk down at the North Bank Park section of the James River Park System in Richmond is a good cure for winter cabin fever. Especially when there is snow to enhance the visuals. 

It is pretty difficult for me to get to the James when it snows. Unsafe roads, family and job responsibilities all come first. I would love one day to be camped out somewhere during a snow storm to see the wild areas of the James river in Richmond for a peaceful and naturally beautiful event.

CSX rail with a frozen canal to the right, seen from the walkway at North Bank

This nature walk was three days after the storm, but I chose North Bank thinking that there might be less chance that the snow was spoiled by too much foot traffic and for the fact that the sun would help enhance the photos. The south bank of the river is mostly in shadows this time of year, especially at Winter Solstice. 

I can’t say this was my favorite walk at the James river. I wanted to make it all the way to Foushee’s Mill, hoping to see that ancient granite structure draped in white. I wanted something dramatic to photograph, but the river levels were too high and snow was too deep in spots. At least North Bank is naturally beautiful. Maybe the unique perspective of seeing snow on the trails and listening to the peace and quiet being broken by geese and ducks that may have been wondering if they needed to relocate further south was the break from the Holiday Season and winter that I needed.

A great blue heron stands watch at North Bank

Icy snowy channel at North Bank


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  1. Gorgeous photos. Love the tip about Foushee’s Mill. Will have to check it out.


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