Want a James River Park System license plate?

Example of James River Park System license plate

Example of James River Park System license plate

James river enthusiast Warren Foster wants us to support the James River Park System with official DMV issued license plates. Outdoors columnist Andy Thompson of the Richmond Times-Dispatch wrote about this effort.

“With all the park enthusiasts around town, I figured, it’s a great way to show off your pride in the park,” [Foster] said. “Then I started doing the math and it started getting real interesting . . . and what’s so cool about this is that it can be a lot of money but also that it’s a sustainable fundraiser.”

A study commissioned in 2006 by the Friends of the James River Park (of which Foster is a board member) estimated that the park system handles about 500,000 visitors a year. That’s half a million. If just one percent of those people signed up for a license plate, that’s 5,000. Take the first 1,000 off the top and you’ve 4,000 people at $10 a plate.

I’ve written about Foster — he’s a friend and he cracks me up with his deep dedication to the river. He added this comment on another posting in my blog:

James River Park System license plate now taking applications! Here’s a chance to show your love of the many facets of the James River Park System and put some $ towards un-funded projects. They’re taking applications for JRPS license plates. Please go to http://www.jamesriverpark.org & click on the picture of the license plate or e-mail Warren Foster on the board at ParkLicensePlate@gmail.com Many thanks.

 I’ve already printed the form and I’m sending in my application today. Let’s make this happen!


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  1. Posted by shelley on January 13, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    I’m thinking about doing this, but what if the plates are rejected or there aren’t enough applications? Do we get out money back?


  2. Warren Foster said “We’re still in need of over one-hundred applicants before the deadline (General Assembly brings it up in about three weeks) so we’re making our big push to get it done. I’ve got my fingers crossed we’re going to make this happen.” Apply by Friday. I mailed mine!


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