More ice along the James river

Ice along the mill race in the James River Park System

Ice along the mill race in the James River Park System

I’ve had fun finding ice along the James river and in Forest Hill Park this winter. I decided to give it one more shot so see ice on our beloved attractions around Richmond. 

Frozen canal at Great Shiplock ParkI jumped to a few other spots this time, but other than a frozen canal at Great Shiplock Park and few more huge icicle formations clinging to the driftwood and granite stones along the Main Section of the James River Park System, the James is moving too fast to freeze over.

At Great Shiplock Park, I was hoping to see ice all over the lock — which always has water flowing through cracks in the structure. Again, the water was likely moving too fast.  However, the canal above the second locks was mostly frozen over, and seemed thick enough for some thick-headed person to be walking on top of the ice, leaving tracks in the traces of snow. That would be a bad place to fall in, as there is hardly ever anyone nearby and it is loud with construction and railway noise.

The best find was at the bridge over the Old Mill Race at the VEPCO dam, west of the Southside rocks of Belle Isle. An excellent wintery setting of ice-covered rocks and unique patterns in the sheet of ice over the slow-moving waters below.

Ice on the Old Mill Race near Belle Isle

Ice on the Old Mill Race near Belle Isle

You can get there by going to the Reedy Creek parking lot and headed east, or from the tower at the Riverfront Towers and heading west. There is a pathway over a footbridge with a short walk to the mill. The area surrounding this spot and the VEPCO levee have interesting things to see year-round.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by pru on January 26, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    I mean at Rocketts Landing!


  2. Posted by pru on January 26, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    I drove to Varina to a meeting from another meeting downtown yesterday. My navigation system sent me past Rocketts Landing. Was I surprised to see the river almost totally frozen over from shore to shore there (with pockets of water here and there so I don’t there will be any ice skating). But it was amazing to see. I wanted to stop to take some pictures but didn’t have time. Wish you would before it melts!


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