Finding roses in the middle of the James

Roses in the middle of the James RiverThis past weekend, I went for a long-anticipated paddle up the James River from the 14th Street Bridge into the cluster of rocky islands around and west of Mayo Island. My goal was to explore the many waterfalls, rapids, nooks, cracks and left over man-made debris among these wild islands in search of great photos and scenery.

Roses in the middle of the James RiverI have a story and slideshow coming soon on everything I discovered on my kayak trip, but I wanted to share something neat. At the end of my trip, I checked on something I ignored as I paddled by when I first got on the river at the Floodwall takeout on the south end of the 14th Street Bridge. I had seen some pink spots in the trees in the corner of my vision — unusual in that area.

On my way down river and headed back to the takeout, I checked it out. Seems that some nice hot pink roses had taken up residence on the eastern tip of one of the sandy islands. It wasn’t just a bush, this was a full-blown tree at least six feet tall. They were in full bloom and looked very healthy.

This is a rough and rugged section of the James, at the end of the Falls of the James in downtown Richmond. There is little human visitation to this spot, other than fishing boats or the occasional paddler.

Roses in the middle of the James River

Roses in the middle of the James River


2 responses to this post.

  1. I think this is pretty amazing. Every time I visit the James, I’m astounded by the abundance of life there … blue herons, bald eagles, and now wild roses! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Posted by Nancy Hague on May 27, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    This is great! Can’t wait to go find the roses.


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