‘Wind’s Up’ at James Center in downtown Richmond

'Wind's Up' sculpture at the James Center in downtown Richmond

'Wind's Up' sculpture at the James Center in downtown Richmond

WHAT: “Wind’s Up” sculpture at James center in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

LOCATION: 9th and East Cary Streets (James Center).

ARTIST: Lloyd Lillie.

DEDICATION: November 1986.

DESCRIPTION: This mammoth composition marks the western entrance to the James Center complex. The assemblage is comprised of a 50-foot bronze mast with bronze sails atop a brick and stone deck designed by Alexandra Kasuba. Three 8-foot bronze muscular figures are positioned to the east of the mast and are pulling the halyards to hoist the sails.

Close up of 'Wind's Up' sculpture at James Center

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  2. Posted by Don Beam on April 23, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    I did the brickwork in 1986. The mast base is in the artwork of Aleksandra Kasuba. Her work will soon be cataloged in the Smithsonian shortly. Sadly these bronze statues takes your eyes away from the brickwork that is presented. Aleksandra has devoted her life to creating art…it should NOT be disfigured. Donald Beam Jr


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