James River meeting could prove Legendary

Legend Brewing Company hosted a gathering of dedicated lovers of the James River Wednesday night that might prove to be start of something monumental.

The meeting took place on the famed deck of the Southside restaurant as the sun slowly set on a pleasant June evening in full view of one of the best views of the downtown Richmond skyline. Members of the James River Outdoor Coalition, Richmond Mid-Atlantic Off Roads Enthusiasts, Friends of the James River and Richmond Road Runners Club had a meeting/social with the Richmond Sports Backers, XTERRA, James River Park System and even Richmond Police.

It was a meeting of the minds of for the most dedicated and energetic stewards of the James River. Many great ideas were shared and the potential for many combined efforts and projects emerged.

I was particularly happy to see the faces of many people who I’ve contacted over the years and to get to know many new faces a little better. Ideas were bouncing all over the place — the crowd was full of thinkers and doers.  Ralph White and Nathan Burrell of the JRPS were there to pass thanks, good information, project updates…and to fire up the troops.

We were reminded that many of the great projects on the James River that have been put into action the past couple of decades have come from dedicated private citizens with the vision, ambition and manpower to make it happen. Want something done? Have your plan and get people organized to do it. Get the city involved when the people are assembled and working to help complete the job — don’t expect the city to do it for you.

In fact, I did get positive feedback on my paddling in the Haxall Canal idea — and this would be the group that would help execute the plan.

Fired up? Join one of these groups and make a difference. All in attendance agreed that meeting in a group setting with more cross-pollination of ideas and combined efforts on projects can help to make everyone’s river dreams come true.


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