‘Arches with Column’ back at VMFA

Sculpture in front of Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsWHAT: ‘Arches with Column’ sculpture at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia.

LOCATION: On the VMFA property, southwest corner of The Boulevard & Hanover Avenue.

ARTIST: Lee Kelly.

DEDICATION: August 30, 1982.

DESCRIPTION: A modern assemblage of five 20-foot arches and columns of Corten steel. The sculpture was donated to the Museum by John & Julia Curtis.

* * *

As one who hunts down public sculptures like a scavenger hunt, this is one that I’ve been patiently waiting to photograph since the VMFA began its renovations back in 2006. It sits between the old and new sections of the museum and helps break up the contrast of the classic red brick and concrete of the old VMFA with the glass, metal and concrete of the new addition as viewed from The Boulevard.  No matter, it is a welcome change from the years of the chain-link fencing and construction trailers stuffing The Boulevard side of the museum complex.

Arches with Columns sculpture at VMFA

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