Ghost hunting at the Pump House

Foundation for Paranormal Research at the Pump HouseOn Saturday, the Foundation for Paranormal Research demonstrated “cutting edge technology involving paranormal capture and containment of ghosts or foreign entity’s within our personal world” with an event titled “The 3 Mile Lock Experiment – Conquest.” 

We watched for ghosts and had a great time getting to see the inside of the Byrd Park Pump House — filled with at least 100 people who seemed to be enjoying themselves. 

City of Richmond parks director J.R. Pope said he hoped that if nothing else, he hoped that visitors would come away with a good impression on the Pump House facility. 

The City is making progress on making the classic multi-purpose building the new home of the James River Park System visitor center. Giving more people a chance to see the interior of the Pump House — which is closed to the public except only the most unique of opportunities — can only help with effort to raise funds and encourage volunteers to help out the park system and the Friends of the James River Park. 

I was there and didn’t see anything paranormal — at least not to my untrained eye — but did see plenty of interested onlookers at the Victorian Gothic Style, gray granite Pump House. It is still a marvelously attractive building, and the perfect setting for a ghost hunt. 

The Foundation used something called the “Parabot,” which they promote as having been seen on Ghost Adventures Live, the 7 hour lock down at Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia shown on The Travel Channel. 

It also demonstrated its latest invention, “The Tesla Tower.” There were two fully active Tesla coils firing during the demonstration, which they promoted would produce “over 2.6 million volts of raw uncontrolled energy — wild and attractive arcs from the coils.” It was quite a show. 

Friends of the James River Park: SUV Swallowed By Sinkhole As Spirits Are Stirred





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  1. […] roadway. The road has been damaged for months after an SUV was swallowed by a sinkhole during a ghost hunting group held an event at the Pump House March 6, 2010. It will be at least two months before the repairs will be made, according to Angela […]


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